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About the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies

The Center of Alcohol Studies (CAS), is the oldest alcohol research center in North America devoted to alcohol research. Our primary emphasis is on alcohol use and consequences. Faculty members of the Basic Sciences Division (comprised of three distinct laboratories), the Clinical Division, and the Prevention Research and Services Division are the principal contributors to the center's focus. The Center is located on Busch Campus in Smithers Hall, built through the generosity of R. Brinkley Smithers and the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation. Smithers Hall provides offices, conference space, and laboratories for biological and psychological research. Brinkley and Adele Smithers Hall, an addition to the Center, opened in 1992 and has expanded office space, laboratory space, and a library facility.

Helpful information about alcohol:

For research-based information on your drinking habits and how they affect your health, click on the link below

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